Have you ever seen a new design idea, and been filled with doubts and uncertainty? Will it work? Will the change make the site better or worse? A/B testing can help remove some of the guesswork. Rather than wonder, teams can stop saying “we think” and start saying, “we know.” A/B testing can help:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Confirm a new design is going in the right direction
  • Decide which version of different approaches to implement
  • Figure out what is working best among specific UI or copy elements
  • Learn how small changes can influence user behavior
  • Constantly iterate a design
  • Improve user experience over time
  • Optimize conversion rates

Ultimately, the advantages of A/B testing offset the time it takes to implement. More conversions, whether it’s more subscriptions to email newsletters or new leads, ultimately impacts the success of an initiative and can help show an ROI. Knowing something is performing well makes it easier to justify continuing with it.

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