The difference between “product designer” and “UX designer” seem to me like semantics mostly, rather than a crisp and widely understood delineation. I think many product designers consider themselves to be designers who design experiences. (For example, at Facebook, we call everything a “product,” even a service like notifications.) I suppose if you want to get more precise, a UX designer is a broader term since you could use it to describe someone who designs experiences that aren’t products–for example, like a check-in experience at a hospital. But “product” these days is a fairly broad term as well, as many people who are “product designers” actually spend their time designing

Product Manager, on the other hand, is actually a different job than that of designer, though there are overlaps. I would say that the designer is responsible for the actual design (the flow, the sound bytes/pixels, etc.) of the experience, while a PM’s job is to help the team ship the best product which involves a broader amount of responsibilities including coordinating across different teams, getting folks aligned on goals and timelines, inward/outward communication, and analysis of whether a product is actually a “best product”.  One of my favorite descriptions of the job comes from Josh Elman. Check out his “A Product Manager’s Job.”

–St– Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP at Facebook

At Facebook we don’t have a distinction between ‘product designers’ and ‘UX designers.’ All of our designers are generalists. They are responsible for not only how the experience looks, but also how it works and what it does. We believe designers that can work end-to-end can often move more quickly – they don’t have extra coordination overhead – and think about problems more holistically.

Product managers are responsible for the overall progress of a team. They make sure the team is rallied around a meaningful mission that creates real value for people, ensure everyone involved has the full context they need to do well, and structure the work so the team understands how things are going at any given time.

PMs and designers at Facebook work very closely together, and there is overlap. As a result it’s one of the most important relationships within any given team.

Adam Mosseri, PM director for News Feed at Facebook

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