Pointers on how to design a holiday themed Hello bar for your eCommerce store. Glance through the list of well thought out hello bar design patterns.

1. Encourage to click

Customize your hello bar with a single short message that caters to the goals of holiday shoppers (a limited time discount offer) and a prominent call to action (pick a complementary color) to encourage them to click on it.

2. Grab attention

When it comes to hello bars, choosing the right color is of high importance to highlight your holiday deal and grab your shoppers’ attention instantly. Consider a higher contrast between your hello bar and the rest of your web page.

3. Use the Hello Bar

An efficient hard-to-miss nice little banner that contains a single statement and a call to action. Use the hello bar to draw your shoppers’ attention to the most important limited-time holiday offer.

  • A narrow stripe that spans across the top of your website

  • Above the homepage banner

  • Rotating bar

  • Hello bar below the menu bar

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