Winner of the 2017 Min Family Engineering Social Entrepreneurship Challenge — $25,000

*Finalist of the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies’ New Venture Seed Competition — $10,000

HonestFi enables NGOs, small businesses, and community members to provide financial services such as check cashing, prepaid cards, and automated bill pay to their underbanked and unbanked customer base via a mobile application. As a product designer, I was responsible for rebranding, improving the UX, creating personas and use cases, and redesigning the UI.

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Target Users:

  • 35–55; Urban/Suburban/Rural, Beginner to Experienced employees of operating non-profit organizations that provide check cashing services


  • Focus on brand
  • Create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users
  • Increase transparency; fees, transaction confirmations, etc.
Transaction fee notification and confirmation, for added transparency


  • Minimalistic
  • Clean layout
  • Solid lines
  • Geometric

User Flows:

Designed user flows for employees of the operating non profits, guiding transactions with both returning and new customers

Returning customers signed into their account, and cashed a check

New customers signed up, added a photo, cashed their first check

Check deposit interface


The demo below shows a Caesar Chavez Foundation employee, James, signing in, and helping a customer, Linda Lopez. He signs her in as a returning customer, we view her profile and then he taps the menu to view the available options. He selects “Check Deposit” which directs him to the camera to scan Linda’s check. After scanning the check, the amount is automatically filled in and James taps next. He is quickly prompted that Linda will be charged a $5 fee for the transaction. Linda then signs her initials to accept the fee and taps continue. Linda selects the debit card that she would like to deposit the funds to and is then notified that the transaction was complete and her funds are ready.


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