2016 was a good year. I didn’t share much content in last year.
This year, i’m going to start ux challenge to learn and understand more ux concepts.

First Study :
Spot the difference between ‘sign up’ and ‘sign in’

Sign in and sign up is most common clicks on web. User easily get confused when both buttons use the same verb in their labels like ‘Signin’ & ‘Signup’. And this creates a bad login experience sometime.

To give faster login experience just make labels distinct from each other by using different verbs.

Some of the combinations are
Login — Register
Login — Join us
Login — Create an account
Login — Get Started

There are a lots of sites like twitter, codecademy using ‘Login — Signup’ labels. Facebook recently changes their ‘Sign up’ button label with ‘Create an account’ label. Labels aren’t only for to make buttons distinct. It’s primary focus is help users to click the right button every time.

Many sites also use ‘sign up’ flow inside the ‘login’ section. it also create a bad signup experience for users. It’s important for users to find your ‘sign up’ when they visit your site first time.

Visual Style matters

Give your buttons a different visual style to help users to click right button.

The End.

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