As the Sun Shines, Moon Glows, Stars Twinkles,
A woman needs to glisten every day.

When I hear the word Beauty, only a very few things strikes my mind. One among those is a woman’s beauty.

Every Woman is a Queen

Courage and Confidence are the Throne of a Queen. Her Bloom gives her both.
Beauty → Confidence → Success → Happiness!
No woman hesitates to intense her image. They want to be a gleaming quasar always. But the constraints of a woman are eternal. Though they have the yearning to hit a parlor, they don’t gain chance and choice in a lax tone.

Becoming a Gorgeous Queen is easier now.
I have bought you the prospect akin your pollex.

Hurray… I got it…!!!

The Process


I have destined to have a dialogue with about six women endorsing the app.


I have lined the method with the laws of the facts of a young girl.
About Julie
Age: 23
Occupation: Television Anchor
Location: Austria
Personality: Chic, modernized, perfectionist

She is a woman who covets to fulfill the greatest of what she makes.
She is a graced with beauty and knowledge.
She demands to exercise regularly to keep her fit.

Needs and Goals:
Requires becoming a top anchor in the city.
Aches to handle household work also as she stays apart from home.
Aspires to remain updated in the industry.
Fancies to fetch an eminent reputation in her field.

Job Stories:

Julie had to drive a lot and sweat tough to hold a fair stand in her career. She should take charge of her corporeal needs since she stays solely. As she gets promoted, it grows her life in a diverse way. She tarries up day and night to meet the current demands. She seldom remembers to even have food on time. But behind all the travails off the screen, she desires to be active and alert on the screen, which gives her the confidence.

Defining the Problem

  1. Women noticed trouble selecting the nearby salons of their choice. They feel annoyed looking for best salons with the facilities it has.
  2. Some venerable people who heed to heighten their charm occasionally, spot challenging to wander and spot the parlors. After locating also, they have the enigma of deciding their choice from the prospects.
  3. People say that most of the time they forget to reserve their slot and lose the time expecting.
Oops… What to choose ?? 🙁

Design Solutions

1. Flexibility-Usability:

Once woman had no choice except a man;
Now we present copious options for them.

More pliancy is given in the app. From filtering the akin parlor to picking the styles to be done and booking the comfortable date and time, all the choices are given. The user can opt what is required. Either merely deciding the parlor or opting the styles to be done. Usability is followed.

2. The user finds the app with easy Accessibility. People of any age can haul and select as their wish. The details of the parlors with rating and spot, the collected offers been done at the parlor with its cost are given in a single click. There is no need for the user to hunt and attain.

3. A woman’s charm is rivaled with the elegance of nature. And they foresee appeal and benefit in everything. So I have adopted Aesthetic-Usability.

4. The app can be easily used by anyone at anytime. Affordance is assured. All the options are given in sequence.
5. Chunking: I have clubbed the alike kinds synchronically.
6. The options of related category are kept Closure.

Life becomes colorful,
When there is a Woman in your life.

7. I have earned the delight of users by selecting fair Colors.
8. Consistency is sustained. The same exemplar of screens is used.
9. The frontier over the choices is asserted granting Constraint.
10. Control: The options are given bounded to lessen perplexion.
11. Women show their paragon in arranging stuff. The icons are positioned based on Fitt’s law. With the day, date and time one below the other.

12. Visibility: The back button is given at the top left end where the users can spot easily.

13. Confirmation: Assent and loaf.


The prototype trial was executed with the user. They will apply and comment.


Women are cherubim’s of a place. Offering an elite app for them in a convenient way, we sought drawing the crown to them. I have conferred the features in the novel style as many well-wishers requested.

Thanks for reading!

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